*Pricing is customized per project, special prices for large orders.
Prices stated below are the starting prices for Scopus services.
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Virtual photoshoot

€ 220.00 EUR
Custom posing
Custom Mannequin look
Custom Background
Creative content
Ready in 7 days

Single 3D garment

€ 120.00 EUR
HQ Digital file
HQ Rendered images
Preset poses
Free Support
Ready in 7 Days

Digital runway

€ 270.00 EUR
1 garment
15 s animation
Pre-set background
Basic video
Free support

Frequently Asked Question.

Do I have to have real garments to create a 3d model?

No, this is exactly why we are leading an innovation in the fashion industry!
We just require a sketch or tech pack from you to create the 3D models. We will be in close contact with you throughout the process to ensure the 3D model looks exactly as you need.

Can I just enquire for one garment?

Of course! Although we recommend using 3D more thoroughly in your business as then you will see the benefits of the 3D models, especially financially.
If you are not sure how to implement 3D in your business, contact us and we will help you along the way! We have a ton of ideas how you can use 3D in your business that also benefits you.

is the process complicated?

For sure not. That is why we are here - to make the transition and implementation of 3D in your marketing process more smooth and easy for you. Don't hesitate to ask us any further questions.

What do I need to provide for you to create a 3D model?

A detailed sketch with fabric and trim information or a full tech pack or a dxf file (with the tech pack).

Do you offer discounts for non-profit organization?

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What will I get?

Included in the main price is always 3 rendered views of the design - front, side and back views. You can always request for some other angles instead of these.

What is the resolution of the renders?

The default is 1200x1920, but you can request any other resolutions as well. If there are many renders requested in more than 3000 px then we may ask for an extra fee, since higher resolution renders take more time.