Beringei is a startup in the USA that has a platform for designers. They allow people to vote for their designers' outfits which only when getting to the top 5 of each month, will be manufactured.

Since the manufacturing in this process is one of the last activities, after marketing, then they have decided to use 3D models for their website imagery.

For us it means that each designer sends us a sketch and tech pack which we translate to 3D. We work closely with them to decide on the correct technical details for the designs such as topstitches, binding and more. Very often we recreate the fabric in 3D as the designers have specific swatches of the fabric they want to use.

Check their website here:

What we receive as input

  • hand drawn sketch
  • tech pack
  • fabric swatch (Swatchon)

What we deliver

  • rendered views of the 3D model to be used in social media and website